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44-40/44Spl 165gr RNHB 428-430 dia MolyCoat

44-40/44Spl 165gr RNHB 428-430 dia MolyCoat
  • Model: BCB-44_40_44SPL-165-RNHB-500
  • Manufactured by: Bear Creek Bullets



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Why shoot Moly coated bullets?
Molycoating process developed in the 1980s and perfected by 1991
Unique molybdenum coating is permanently bonded to the bullet
Will not come off when it is handled or fired
No lube needed!
Brinell hardness of 14
Less friction for extended barrel life
Almost a 99% guarantee that you won't experience any leading  
Clean barrels with dry brush and patches
Some black moly residue may remain, but no impact to gun/accuracy  


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